Keynote Speaker: Simon Lewis, Owner of Eau Palm Beach Resort & Spa







How do you take a business from total obscurity to an industry benchmark? What is the role of leadership and cultural transformation in such a journey?

In the HOTEC Operations 2019 keynote, Simon Lewis, Owner of Eau Palm Beach Resort & Spa, describes his team’s journey to successfully rebrand and reinvent a former Ritz-Carlton property, despite a painful starting point. 

Learn how, in the years since its separation from Ritz-Carlton, the Eau Palm Beach has successfully driven business results by changing its core identity.


Key Insights From Simon Lewis:
•    Everyone wants an emotional connection to their work; only values-based organizations can provide that.
•    Learn to create and embed a completely new set of values that your people will support.
•    Understand the four most common objections to change and how to overcome them.
•    Hold your leaders accountable for implementing, supporting, and owning your cultural transformation.
•    Give new hires first-hand experiences that demonstrate how your values translate into actionable behaviors.
•    Understand what motivates Millennials and help make them your greater asset.

About the Speaker 

Simon is an actively involved, hands-on business director, always in the midst of exciting new projects. Simon's area of expertise is in global hospitality and marketing for LFH, a private family business behind an international real estate and asset portfolio. Yet his key area of responsibility is in directing and consulting the creative people around him. sharing their success or failures by being a valuable critic of process in the commercial machine. 

In 2007, Simon conceived, developed and opened a multi-award winning luxury Spa business in the U.S. In 2013, he was instrumental in creating and implementing a new cultural identity for one of the Group's flagship hotel properties, the 5-star Eau Palm Beach Resort in Florida. Here his work encompassed the complete values set which underpins the core identity of the business from guest touch-point to employee engagement. Simon's pivotal role has created effective communication and visionary leadership at all levels, driving the collective culture to new heights.

Simon is an international keynote speaker and panel moderator, a trainer of NLP, drone pilot, kitesurfer and snowboarder. He has recently been awarded a first class degree in the Photographic Arts. 

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